“Scam” introducer at the heart of Mirror investigation promoting High Street Group

Last week the Mirror's Andrew Penman investigated one of the introducers flooding Google Ads with high-risk unregulated investments targeted at savers looking for non-high-risk savings. His article, Scamming with impunity: the GoogleAd sham investment comparison websites, is well worth a read.

Penman turned the spotlight on Ilian Stoimenov, who had parked his caravan on the Google search results for "good ISA rates". One of the first hits was for sterling-isa.com, aka Lead Generation Limited.

I can reveal, thanks to a reader who has asked to remain uncredited, that excellent-bonds.com is promoting High Street Group.

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High Street Group attempts total shutdown of Bond Review (oh, and it’s late filing accounts again)

A few weeks ago The High Street Group became the ninth company to launch a legal complaint against Bond Review.

This complaint was not directed at me. Indeed I've received nothing from The High Street Group directly.

Instead it was directed at WordPress which provides third-party web design services to Bond Review.

WordPress passed the complaint to me and told me that they would be taking no further action.

Normally when this happens I don't waste time dwelling on it. Going public about a legal complaint risks escalating it and I have better things to do. I leave it to the complainant to decide whether they want to see me in court, which so far none of them have.

Here I'm making an exception because The High Street Group has attempted to have Bond Review completely shut down on the basis of me being a "repeat infringer".

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