FCA acknowledges that minibond marketing ban may result in shortage of new money to pay off existing investors with

Following its announcement of a 12-month marketing ban on minibonds being marketed to the general public, the FCA has confirmed that it is well aware that this could lead to existing minibond investors losing their money.

In a 46-page document outlining the ban, more specifically outlining how the ban complies with UK anti-discrimination law, the FCA stated:

There may be indirect positive or negative effects on people with protected characteristics as they may be (i) existing investors in speculative illiquid securitiesor (ii) prospective investors. The former may experience harm if market disruption from our measures exacerbates poor performance of existing products and the financial position of issuers that are already struggling, especially if an issuer isreliant on being able to raise further capital from retail investors with new issues and this becomes more difficult.
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Signature Living continues to struggle with repayments, libels owner’s own brother, reports him for fraud

Unregulated hotel investment scheme Signature continues to struggle with repayments to investors, and has been the subject of a series of news articles from outlets including the BBC and the Liverpool Echo in recent weeks.

Six months ago in May the BBC first covered Signature's late payments to investors.

Two weeks ago the BBC reported on international investors flying into the UK in attempt to chase their money.

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