We review Schwabcore’s commodity investments paying “from 12% upwards”

Schwabcore logo

Schwabcore offers investment in portfolios of commodities. On its "Foundation Investments" page, it states

Our clients see yields on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis as returns are procured. Capital invested has an average growth of 12% (Capital Only). Upon full exit, our clients receive above 12% return and in certain cases, more subject to regular compound growth.
On the following "Our Investments" page, it goes on to say:
We only work with capital safe investments. Therefore, if you have experienced recent losses in the market or you are making very little from current savings, then taking advantage of our expertise is what you should consider in order to recoup a solid capital return. Our basic commodity investments perform from 12% upwards, and are free from capital taxation. We have structured it this way so that investors know their exact capital when they invest and also know the exact amount they will receive upon exit from investment. This is one of the main reasons why property investors enjoy the variety of products we have constructed.
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London Capital & Finance: Administrator “optimistic” about recovering not a lot

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Smith & Williamson's Finbarr O'Connell, one of the administrators appointed by London Capital & Finance to clean up their mess, has been speaking to the Evening Standard's Jim Armitage in an article published yesterday.

O'Connell states that he is optimistic about making a "full recovery" of the £38m loaned to Independent Oil & Gas (an AIM-listed company) by London Oil & Gas (one of the companies in the LCF network linked to LCF itself).

O'Connell is less optimistic about the other £84 million loaned to London Oil & Gas, which went to another listed oil business, Atlantic Energy, and "numerous early stage businesses in artificial intelligence and energy". O'Connell states "a number of the debts are going to be challenging to recover".

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Munio Capital director fails to wash his hands of the company, informs investors that default is likely

In October 2018 the director of Munio Capital attempted to have the company voluntarily struck off the register, which would have resulted in the company being dissolved and its assets (if any) forfeited to the UK Government.

That attempt failed after Companies House received an objection, most likely from a creditor. Having failed to get rid of the company, the sole director, Gary Williamson, has at last filed a set of accounts for July 2017, 10 months late.

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We review Astute Capital’s stocks & shares ISA bonds paying up to 8.9% per year

Astute Capital logo

Astute Capital is offering bonds paying up to 8.9% simple interest as follows:

  • Access - 3.2% over a 1 year term
  • Income - 7.5% per year income paid out bi-annually
  • Balance - 7.64% per year interest (on a compounded basis) rolled up and paid out after 3 years
  • Growth - 7.64% per year interest (on a compounded basis) rolled up and paid out after 5 years
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Blackmore boldly enters new era of transparency by declaring up to 20% commissions

Blackmore logo 2019

Blackmore Bonds has been making a number of changes to its website recently to improve its compliance with the FCA's "clear, fair and not misleading" rules.

Around a year ago, the top of Blackmore's website prominently featured the headings "Capital Protection" and "Income Certainty" below its interest rates. Immediately below this, in letters half the size, were the words "Capital at risk | Please read our risk section. Illiquid and non-transferable. Not FSCS".

By including risk warnings in text half the size of headlines saying "Capital Protection", this old version of the website put Blackmore potentially afoul of the FCA's regulations that "balancing statements" such as these must be displayed with equal prominence to be clear, fair and not misleading.

Blackmore's new version of its website is a considerable improvement in this regard, with the "Capital Protection" and "Income Certainty" headings gone, and a risk warning "The products on this site offer a high return on your investment, it is important to understand that as with all investments of this type your Capital is at Risk" displayed in 27-point font, the same size as its headlines.

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Roger Allanson fined £17,000 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and required to cease running his practice

The sole partner of Allansons LLP, which runs an unregulated investment scheme offering returns of 50% within 6-18 months for investing in litigation funding, has been fined £17,000 (plus £10,000 costs) and been prohibited from acting as a manager or owner of an authorised solicitor over client money breaches.

Roger Allanson ran Allansons LLP as a sole practitioner until 2006, when he was joined by Mohamed Patel.

On 19 and 20 December 2018, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal heard a series of allegations against Roger Allanson and Mohamed Patel in regard to their conduct over a period of six years:

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We review Strategic Active Trading Funds plc – clone firm scam

A website purporting to represent "Strategic Active Trading Funds plc" is offering the following investments:

  • Single Deposit Plan offering 3.6% "guaranteed" p.a.
  • Monthly Income Plan offering 3.4% "guaranteed p.a."
  • Fixed Income Secured Bond offering 5.75% - 9.75% "guaranteed pa"
In reality this is a clone firm scam and the investments do not exist. Strategic Active Trading Funds plc exists but has nothing to do with the website.

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