London Property Bonds (now LP Bonds) files first accounts

London Property Bonds offered unregulated bonds paying quarterly interest of 8% per annum to the public "to benefit from the property market in Wimbledon and surrounding areas". The offer closed in 2016.

The company was renamed LP Bonds plc in December 2017 and has now filed its first accounts with Companies House, up to 30 November 2016.

The accounts reveal that the company raised a total of £489,000 via its 8% bonds, well below the £1 - £3 million it was targeting in 2016.

As at November 2016, the company's liabilities exceeded its assets by £466,000 - but of course, with the bonds not due to be paid back until 2021, it is very early days. The company made a net loss of £479,000, mostly representing administrative expenses.

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REWS (Renewable Energy Waste Solutions UK plc) – unregulated bonds offering up to 12% per year

REWS (Renewable Energy Waste Solutions UK plc) is offering 2 year and 4 year bonds paying interest as follows:

  • 2 year bonds: 8% if income is paid out twice a year, 9% if income is rolled up and paid out at the end, 10% paid out twice a year for investments over £100,000
  • 4 year bonds: 10% if income is paid out twice a year, 11% if income is rolled up and paid out at the end, 12% paid out twice a year for investments over £100,000
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Prime ISA – unregulated investment in a data centre offering 7% per year

Prime ISA (a trading name of Northern Provident Investments Limited) is offering investment in bonds issued by Prime ISA Bond Co 1 Limited.

The website describes the offering as 7% per year after three years. The PDF brochure, however (available from the same website under "Download our free investor guide") describes the offering as 6% per year over five years.

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EcoCrops International – investment in Estonian forestry plots projecting 17.19% returns

EcoCrops International offers investment plots for sale in Estonian forestry at €8,200 for a 1 acre plot. The investment case is that after 3-5 years the plots will be harvested and the timber converted into wood pellets for biofuel.

EcoCrops International projects that after the plots are sold, investors will receive €11,280 from the sale of the pellets and €5,000 for the land. A 5% fee will be deducted, leaving the investor with €15,466. This is described as a 17.19%pa return, which suggests a 4 year investment timeframe. Elsewhere the literature states that EcoCrops targets a 3-5 year period before harvesting takes place.

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RVS Trading Systems – trading software delivering 225% per year returns?

RVS offers two software packages - the RVS Closing Price System and the RVS Day Trading System - which claim to allow users to make money through share trading.

Forum posts suggest that RVS are asking for £4,925 for the Closing Price System, with a further £4,925 if the user successively generates £30,000 in profit within the first two years.

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Christianson Property Capital group subject to yet another strike-off

Three weeks after Christianson Property Capital Limited belatedly filed its accounts, causing the strike-off action against it to be suspended, its subsidiary Victory House Group Limited has now also been given notice of compulsory strike-off, due to its continued failure to file accounts with Companies House. The accounts have been overdue since 28 February 2018. Continue reading...