We review Andreas Geiger – clone scam offering bonds paying 12.75% to 16.70%

Andreas Geiger logo

A company using the name Andreas Geiger and the domain andreasgeiger.co.uk claims to offer bonds as follows:

  • 12.75% over 1 year
  • 14.27% per year for 3 years
  • 16.7% per year rolled up for 5 years

Andreas Geiger claims that it can be found on the FCA register under number 475002.

In reality this is a clone scam. There is a firm called Andreas Geiger which has been on the FCA register since 2007, but it is nothing to do with the firm claiming to offer bonds via andreasgeiger.co.uk.

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We review Liberty House Capital Artesian Water – Hanover Merchant Capital’s scam reboots

Liberty House Capital logo

Liberty House Capital are currently marketing a three year investment in “Artesian Water” offering 6.4% income per year with “up to 30% aggregate return” after three years.

The investment is substantially identical to an investment promoted by Hanover Merchant Capital which I reviewed in June last year.

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We review Signature Capital’s investments offering up to 16% per year

Signature Capital offers a range of unregulated property investments.

As at March 2019, these investments included an investment in the Dixie Dean Hotel paying 12% over 12 months, and an investment in The Signature Flotel paying 12% over 12 months (with a higher minimum investment).

I have seen an email detailing a further investment in the Martins Bank project paying 10% per year for investments between £15k and £45k, rising to 16% per year for investments of over £250,000.

Signature Capital frequently changes the individual properties on which its investments are based. However the interest rates above are typical of their offerings, based on previous offerings which are now "sold out".

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Ralf Werner Tait and Ronald Klaus Kebler – clone firm scams with fake bonds and “diversified managed accounts”

Ralf Werner Tait claims to offer the following investments:

  • "Diverse Managed Accounts" paying a minimum return of between 0.5% and 1% per month "no matter what happens with the stock market"
  • 1 year bonds paying 6%, 8% or 10% depending on investment level
  • 3 year bonds paying 7%, 9% or 11% depending on investment level
  • 5 year bonds paying 10%, 11% or 12% depending on investment level
In reality the "Ralf Werner Tait" being run from the website rwt-capital.com is a clone scam.

An identical clone scam appears to be run from the website rkk-wealth.com using the name Ronald Klaus Kebler. I haven't seen investment literature for RKK but the scam is essentially the same.

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We review Ocea’s bonds paying 6.85% per year

Ocea Group Limited (pronounced "Oh-see-yer", not "Oh-sha", according to a promotional video) is offering unregulated bonds paying interest of 6.85% per year for a term of five years.

The bonds are being promoted by the Crowdfunds platform and can be held in an IFISA. Crowdfunds is a regulated P2P platform (an appointed representative of Share In Limited), but the Ocea investment itself is a loan note issued by an unregulated company, and is therefore unregulated.

The company aims to raise money to buy commercial properties and convert them into residential property.

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