We review Verto Homes – former CrowdCube startup heads for the unregulated bond market

Verto Homes is offering unregulated bonds paying 10% per year for a 5 year term.

The bonds offer the opportunity to exit after 12 months, however this will naturally depend on Verto Homes having enough cash available to pay back investors who wish to do so.

Funds raised are to be used to build zero carbon smart homes.

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We review Whisky Cask Company – investment in whisky offering returns of 8 – 12% per year

Whisky Cask Company offers investment in casks of Scotch whisky.

Whisky Cask Company describes its role as "facilitating the sale". The actual filling of the casks is done by the Malt Whisky Company.

Casks are matured for a minimum of three years, after which they can be sold on the market. Whisky Cask Company projects returns of 8 - 12% per year. It claims the investment is "A Sure-Fire Investment for The Future" and that investing in whisky "gives increased financial security — products cannot go bust in the way a company can".

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We review Fortress Legal Finance – litigation funding bonds paying 7.12 – 11.5% per year

Fortress Legal Finance offers unregulated bonds paying 7.12% per year for a 3 year term and 11.5% per year for a 5 year term.

Funds raised are used to invest in litigation funding.

Investors in Allansons (an unrelated litigation funding scheme that collapsed earlier this year) have reported being cold-called with an offer to invest in Fortress paying 12% "guaranteed" over a 6 month period.

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We review Whiskey Wealth Club – returns of 10% to 20% per year with “relatively little risk”?

Whiskey Wealth Club logo

Whiskey Wealth Club offers investment in barrels of Irish whiskey, the premise being that the barrels will increase in value as they age.

Its website claims that

Investor returns are currently in the 10-20% per annum region.
and that
Investing in barrels of whiskey as they age and increase in value in bonded warehouses offers potentially massive rewards with relatively little risk.

Its brochure goes further, claiming various eye-popping potential rates of return, including a claim that whiskey offers "15 YEARS TO TURN €2,550 INTO €160,000" - a 32% per year rate of return.

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We review Blue Paramount – illegal adverts and unregulated “Premium Bonds” paying up to 14% per year

Blue Paramount claims to offer unregulated “Premium Bonds” paying interest as follows:

  • Silver – 9% per year for a 1-3 year term and investments of £5k to £20k
  • Gold – 10% per year for a 1-3 year term and investments of £10k to £50k
  • Platinum – 12% per year for a 2-5 year term and investments of £20k to £100k
  • Black – 14% per year for a 2-5 year term and investments of £100k to £1m

It claims “All bonds are secured against losses.”

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