We review Global Edge’s bonds paying up to 21% per year

Global Edge logo

Global Edge (a trading name of UK Innovative TI Ltd) offers unregulated bonds paying interest for a three year term as follows:

  • 12.5%pa for investments between £2k and £25k
  • 16.5%pa between £25k and £50k
  • 18.5%pa between £50k and £75k
  • 21%pa above £75k

Funds raised are to be used to gamble on various sports. Global Edge claims to have "advanced algorithmic technology" which identifies when bookmakers have priced their odds incorrectly and a platform which automatically bets on market where it has an edge.

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We review Vala Lending plc – “low volatility” unregulated bonds paying up to 7.9% per year

Vala Secured Bonds logo

Vala Secured Lending plc offers IFISA bonds and unregulated bonds paying interest as follows:

  • 4.62% for a one year term
  • 6.25% per year for a three year term
  • 7.9% per year for a five year term

Funds raised are to be used to invest in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

At time of writing Vala's website has been offline for some days or weeks. As far as we're aware however the company is still trading. This review has been based on Vala's last available brochure as at November 2019.

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We review Quantum Group of Funds – clone scam offering AirBNB IPO shares

The website quantumgroupfunds.com claims to represent "Quantum Group of Funds", a subsidiary of Soros Fund Management.

Representatives of Quantum are cold-calling investors claiming to be offering shares in AirBNB (currently privately owned by its founders and venture capital firms).

Quantum Group of Funds does exist, but the website quantumgroupfunds.com is nothing to do with it. It was only registered in February 2019, despite the real Quantum being in existence for 45 years.

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We review Lidex Trading – scam offering fixed dividends of 21% per year, er, um, 10% per year

Lidex Trading claims to provide a "Lidex Trading Multi Asset Fund" paying a fixed dividend of 21% per year, although in their very next paragraph they claim the dividend is 10% a year. According to a reader, Lidex Trading are cold-calling investors, falsely claiming to be following up a request for investment material. Continue reading for a review of Lidex Trading.

We review Quinshaw Finance – unregulated bonds paying up to 11.58% per year

Quinshaw Finance logo

Quinshaw Finance is offering unregulated bonds paying returns as follows:

  • 4.58% for a 1 year term
  • 9.25% per year for a 3 year term
  • 11.58% per year for a 5 year term

Via its Google search result and brochure, the company claims to offer "secure property high yield bonds" and that "investor protection is our number 1 priority".

Funds raised are to be used to provide short-term bridging finance to property developers.

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