ASP Invest review – Abdool Peerbux returns promoting Certain Bridge

ASP Invest promotes loan notes offering up to 17.5% per year.

Its website reveals that ASP Invest is reselling loan notes offered by Certain Bridge, although this is only made clear on the Loan Notes section of the website, via a video with Certain Bridge branding and a passing reference in a general description of loan notes.

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We review Certain Bridge’s unregulated loan notes paying up to 17.5% per year

Certain Bridge logo

Certain Bridge Limited is offering unregulated loan notes paying up to 17.5% per year as follows:

  • Bronze: Interest payments of 6.86% per year, paid six-monthly, for a 2.5 year term.
  • Silver: Interest payments of 8.96% per year, paid six-monthly, for a 3 year term.
  • Gold: Interest payments of 10% per year, paid six-monthly, plus an extra 10% on maturity, for a 4 year term.
  • Platinum: Interest of 6% per year in years 1-2 and 8% in years 3-4, plus an extra 32% on maturity, for a 4 year term.
  • Platinum Plus: Interest of 3% in year 1, 4% in year 2, 5% in year 3 and 6% in year 4, plus an extra 52% on maturity, for a 4 year term.
All loan notes have a minimum investment of £15,000, except Platinum Plus which has a minimum of £50,000.

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We review SBL Market Guide Program – HSL / RVS scam reboots as predicted

SBL Market Guide System logo

When the RVS Closing Price System scam, a reboot of the HSL Smart Market System scam, disappeared with investors' money around October 2018, I facetiously wondered how long it would take before another company with a three-letter acronym name sprung up offering infeasible returns.

Turns out the answer was about three months.

Investors have reported being cold-called by people promoting the SBL Market Guide program that can turn an investment of £4,750 (supposedly a 50% discount) into £30k in two years, after which the other 50% becomes payable.

This is virtually identical to the RVS Closing Price System which charged £4,925 for the prospect of turning this into £30,000 within two years, with a further £4,925 payable if RVS achieved the promised returns.

Needless to say RVS and its anonymous perpetrators disappeared well before the two year period was up, and RVS investors, like HSL investors before them, lost every penny of the £4,925 they put in. Along with any further money they gave to RVS to trade shares or buy access to data.

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Algo Corp review – Apex Algorithms rebrands, still can’t do math no good

Algo Corp logo

In March 2018 I reviewed Apex Algorithms and their claim to provide a "low risk" investment which had previously generated between 26% and 90% annual returns. I concluded that the offer was an extremely high risk investment into an unregulated firm, and highlighted inconsistencies in its published results.

Apex Algorithms has recently launched a new website at There is no mention of Apex Algorithms on the front page, but the offering is substantially identical, and its address and phone number remain the same as Apex's, along with its "Deliver the Knockout Blow to the Bookmakers" identity. The initial version of Algo Corp's "Terms and Conditions" page referred to Apex Algorithms throughout; this has since been changed to Algo Corp. At time of writing the still appears to be running with the old brand identity.

Why Algo Corp / Apex has felt the need to create a new brand identity is not clear.

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Money & Co IFISA Portfolio – is it covered by the FSCS?

The P2P platform Money & Co has launched a "Money & Co Portfolio" service, which can be held via an Innovative Finance ISA.

Money & Co is a "pick your own" P2P platform through which investors lend money directly to firms raising money via the platform. With the "Portfolio" service, investors' money is managed by Bramdean Asset Management who invest in a range of loans offered by the Money & Co platform.

Money & Co Portfolio's literature advertises "Fixed rate returns of 7% after fees".

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that I briefly warned against a possible clone scam, based on misleading advertising and the use of a newly-registered URL which was different to Money & Co's usual one ( rather Money & Co has confirmed that the offer is genuine and not a clone firm scam. My concerns over misleading advertising, however, remain.

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