London Property Bonds (now LP Bonds plc) given strike-off notice, accounts overdue

A year and three months after it fell overdue with filing its November 2018 accounts, LP Binds plc (formerly London Property Bonds) has been issued with a strike-off notice by Companies House.

If the company continues to fail to meet its legal obligations and there are no objections, the company will be struck off the register and all its assets will be forfeited to the Government.

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Bentley Global issued with strike-off notice by Government, accounts overdue

Bentley Global logo

Bentley Global has been issued with a strike-off notice by Companies House after failing to file up to date annual accounts since May 2020.

Unless the company files its accounts, or a creditor or other third party successfully objects to the striking-off, Bentley Global will be removed from the register and all its assets will become legally property of the Government (though this can be reversed).

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Blind item: Which EIS scheme is fraudulently claiming Advance Assurance it hasn’t got?

A reader emailed me recently to allege that a certain "EIS" scheme was taking money from investors under the pretense of having Advance Assurance from HMRC, when in reality it had been told that it would not be EIS-eligible.

EIS is a tax relief scheme implemented by the Government to encourage wealthy and sophisticated investors to invest in high-risk early-stage companies. To be eligible for EIS relief, companies must not be too large (in terms of both money and number of employees), must use the money raised in a certain way, and the investment must genuinely be at risk.

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Bond Review targeted by fraudulent DMCA takedowns

Several Bond Review articles have been the subject of fraudulent DMCA takedowns recently.

The United States’ Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows the owners of copyrighted material to file takedown notices, asking Google or other web providers to remove the copyrighted material.

There is a way to abuse this process to trick Google into removing content from its web searches that you don’t want to be seen. This involves stealing the content from the owner, uploading it elsewhere, changing the date so that your stolen content appears to have been uploaded first, and then filing a takedown notice to Google, claiming that your stolen content is the original, and the real content is the copy.

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Legend Lane files 2019 accounts, £186k in the red

Legend Lane logo

Legend Lane has filed accounts for Legend Lane Group Limited to November 2019. Its other group company, Legend Lane Limited, has apparently been discarded; May 2020 accounts show it to be an empty shell and the company has applied to be voluntarily struck off the register.

The accounts reveal little, as the company made use of small company exemptions and did not have the accounts audited or include a profit and loss account. The balance sheet went further into the red over the year, with net liabilities rising from £14k to £186k.

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High Street Group loses rooftop showdown with creditor, subsidiary put into administration

A High Street Group subsidiary has been put into administration following a battle with a creditor in the High Court on 30 September.

For clarity, I will emphasise that neither High Street Commercial Finance Limited, which issues the loans covered in my 2018 review, nor the holding company High Street Grp Limited are in administration. The company which is in administration, High Street Rooftop Holdings Limited, is another subsidiary of High Street Grp.

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