We review Concept Capital’s investment paying 10% per year

Concept Capital logo

Concept Capital offers an unregulated investment in pre-fab "static homes" paying a "guaranteed" 10% per year.

Investors invest their money to Concept Capital in units of £39,999 (although the website suggests that the minimum investment is £20,000), which is used to buy a static home to be rented to low-income government-supported tenants. Concept Capital "guarantees" to pay the investor 10% per year. Investors' money is tied up for two years, after which Concept Capital undertakes to buy the static home back from them.

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Blackmore Bond investors facing total losses

Blackmore logo 2019

The latest update from the Blackmore Bond administrators reveals that investors may be facing total or near-total losses.

Potential gross recoveries have been revised from £5 million down to less than £1 million, due to the difficulty of selling properties / building sites as a forced seller during the pandemic, and the fact that Blackmore borrowed money from expensive short-term lenders whose security over the properties outranks the bondholders.

With the administrators' costs and legal costs already standing at over £1 million, which also stand ahead of Blackmore's ordinary investors in the queue, this means bondholders are facing total losses.

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Fluid Trust plc (Fluid ISA) subject to strike-off notice

Fluid ISA logo

Fluid Trust plc has been issued with a strike-off notice by Companies House after failing to file up to date annual accounts since September 2020.

Unless the company files its accounts, or a creditor or other third party successfully objects to the striking-off, Fluid Trust plc will be removed from the register and all its assets will become legally property of the Government (though this can be reversed).

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We review Next Gen Solicitor’s bonds paying 8% over 12 months

Next Gen Solicitors logo

Next Gen Solicitors offers an unregulated investment in litigation financing paying interest of 8% per year for an investment of 12 months.

Unregulated third-party introducers promoting Next Gen Solicitors claim that its investment is "pandemic and recession proof" and "investor capital is 100% covered under the ATE [After The Event] Insurance policy".

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