We review Buy to Lease’s unregulated car investment paying 8 – 12% per year

Buy To Lease logo

Rent To Lease Limited, an offshoot of car supplier and credit broker Get Me Car Finance Limited, is offering investment in leased cars to investors paying up to 12% per year as follows:

  • 8%pa for investments of £10k - £15k
  • 9% for investments of £15k - £30k
  • 10% for £30k - £50k
  • 11% for £50k - £100k
  • 12% for investments over £100k

A "special offer" on Buy To Lease's website raises the offered rate of return for investments over £10k to 10% "while the coronavirus lockdown is in force".

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“Scam” introducer at the heart of Mirror investigation promoting High Street Group

Last week the Mirror's Andrew Penman investigated one of the introducers flooding Google Ads with high-risk unregulated investments targeted at savers looking for non-high-risk savings. His article, Scamming with impunity: the GoogleAd sham investment comparison websites, is well worth a read.

Penman turned the spotlight on Ilian Stoimenov, who had parked his caravan on the Google search results for "good ISA rates". One of the first hits was for sterling-isa.com, aka Lead Generation Limited.

I can reveal, thanks to a reader who has asked to remain uncredited, that excellent-bonds.com is promoting High Street Group.

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We review Invest in Rooms – unregulated care home investment paying 10% per year

Invest In Rooms logo

Invest in Rooms offers a range of unregulated property investments. At time of writing it is promoting a care home investment which offers returns of 10% per year "guaranteed for 25 years". The offer includes a commitment to buy back the room after 6 years for 110% of the initial investment, with the buyback rising to 125% after 25 years.

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We review Argonaut FX’ investments paying 7%-18% per month

Argonaut FX logo

ArgonautFX is currently advertising returns of 7% per month via Instagram stories, according to a reader.

On their website they claim to offer an "Income Generator" with an average return of 7.3% per month and a "VIP Fund" with an average return of 18.4% per month (and a higher minimum investment). A "Capital Guarantee" Fund is also listed as "Coming Soon".

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We review Accumulate Capital’s unregulated loan notes

Accumulate Capital are offering unregulated loan notes in their property business.

Current rates are only disclosed on providing contact details, however testimonials on their public website tout previous returns of up to 15% per year.

Accumulate Capital pays introducers up to 24% of investors' money as commission, according to its website.

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