Capital Way added to FCA scam warning list

Ponzi scheme Capital Way has been added to the FCA’s scam warning list in two separate entries.

The two entries relate to two separate websites run by Capital Way, one of which claims a registration in the Marshall Islands and the other in Bulgaria.

Facebook’s “Page Transparency” feature states that one page admin is from Israel, giving another potential location for where Capital Way might be based from in reality. (Another admin’s location is “not available”.)

Capital Way claims bullshit return figures going back ten years, despite there being no evidence of it existing before early 2019. Its website currently claims to return 50% per year.

Capital Way operates illegally in the UK by selling its investment scheme while failing to register with the Financial Conduct Authority. Capital Way is not registered with any financial regulator, making it illegal in every country it is promoted in.

Capital Way has been frequently promoted on Facebook throughout its two-year history of scamming.

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