Slow news month?

Regular readers (hi Mum) will have noticed a slowdown in Bond Review’s output lately.

This is due to a combination of less free time on my part, due to changed family circumstances, and a lack of developments in the unregulated investment sector that were interesting enough to be worth writing up.

While emails continue to drop into my inbox with monotonous regularity promoting unregulated investments in misleading terms, most of the investments have been already reviewed here.

A notable example is the High Street Group which continues to solicit investment in its 15%pa high risk bonds via introducers claiming the investment “can easily beat the best returns on offer from any UK Bank”. The accounts of its fundraising arm, High Street Commercial Finance Limited, are now coming up to six months overdue.

The fact that High Street Group continues to solicit investment from introducers while failing to meet its statutory obligations to file up to date accounts on what it is doing with the money already raised – a criminal offence under the Companies Act – emphasises the dysfunctional and unfit for purpose status of investment regulation in the UK.

That said, I’ve said my piece and don’t have the time to spend retreading old ground.

There are stages in your life where you have to kill time and there are those where you have to make time.

My days of having time to kill are probably over for the foreseeable future. Bond Review was set up with the ethos that if an hour of my time saves an investor from losing their life savings in a high risk investment that wasn’t suitable for them, it’s a good trade. Unfortunately that doesn’t give me more hours in the day.

Bond Review will continue to do the same job it has been doing for the past two and a bit years, but new articles will probably be less frequent from this point on. Thanks to all our readers for your support.

10 thoughts on “Slow news month?

  1. A strange coincidence that, soon after receiving donations from readers – suddenly time for reviewing and posting “are over for the foreseeable future” … if that doesn’t sound like contributors (which luckily I didn’t) have been taken for a ride, I don’t know what does!

    There’s a con around every corner!


  2. If anyone feels they have not got full value from their donation then get in touch via the link above and I will refund it.

    Total donations received are considerably lower than the total I have paid out of my own pocket to host Bond Review.


  3. I’d just like to say I think the site has been excellent to date and I certainly won’t be asking for my money back (and no I’m not Brev before anyone predictably alleges I am). I think Stephen’s post was very unfair, particularly as he has been using the site heavily judging by his posts and yet by his own admission has donated nothing.

    If he wants to be paranoid and look for scams everywhere I suggest he look at the mini-bonds reviewed on these pages and not the person exposing them.


  4. @Fraid Knot -> Blah Blah Blah. When anonymous Brev set up the site he/she knew what it would cost, signed up to a plan and did so for his/herself amusement.

    So what if I used the site? The site “invited comment” by providing the facility – that’s what it was for. I never asked for the facility, simply used it as it was there. “Why Knot”? …

    I guess you have never been scammed – lucky you!

    I bet you have never looked financial ruin in the face either! Again – lucky you!

    Well I have, and yes I certainly do look for scams round every corner now because they are around evey corner!! So what if I do? Call it paranoia or whatever you like, I don’t give a …. it’s my prerogative and I have a right to voice an opinion if I so wish. If you don’t like it tough, don’t read it – just like you have a right to throw your money where ever you like! I never made any comment on whether people should have contributed or not, I simply stated an opinion on the coincidence of the news there would be little time for further reports.

    And your “…I suggest he look at the mini-bonds reviewed on these pages and not the person exposing them..” is a stupid comment.

    I have looked at the mini bonds exposed on this site. I fight for the victims of these scams. I research evidence and assist/offer media outlets – like the Independent, the BBC etc. I openly and tirelessly work to bring down these scams ( which would be obvious if you actually read my posts) which has been the focus of my posts – to make public the evidence I have. So my contributions to this site has been a) support Brev’s posts with evidence I have and my actual experience of scams and b) assist in the exposing of these scams. I will continue my crusade on any platform that allows me to do so. At least I try to make a difference, however small …. unlike you, Mr. anonymous …

    I don’t even know you have contributed or how much … just your word for it.

    At least I don’t cowardly hide behind anonymity when I comment …. like others … I am willing to stand up and be counted and face the scammers head on – which I have been doing for 4 years now and fought off the law suits doing so!

    What have you done to make a difference?

    Good luck to you Bro … I hope you keep enjoying the site ….


  5. I admit I have exploited this site as a platform to get my story out. You can call it selfish, but I have used it because there are only two people I know of, that have recovered their money (pension in both cases) from scammers. Me and Mr. N of Ombudsman complaint PO-12763.

    My story lets other victims know they are: a) not alone and b) it is possible to get your money back, so all is not lost. It is hard work but Mr. N and I are living proof it can be done.

    I will continue to use any platform I can to get this message out to as many people I can because there are distraught victims, firmly in the belief all is lost and there is no hope. That may be true in some cases but not in every case.

    I am helping a coupleof victims as we speak, so I figure using these platforms to get my story out does some good and makes a small difference. That’s all I seek to do.

    Of course I won’t use this platform anymore since visitor numbers will fall off now. But I make no apologies for exploiting this site.

    If I can help anyone then “abusive” feedback and accusations from some readers is an acceptable price. I don’t really care less what a few small minded people think. My contributions add value to a bigger picture.


  6. Surprise that Fraid Knott (brev’s alter ego) has come to his defence.

    Initially you earned money from this website you built via advertisements from the same dodgy investment firms you were reviewing.

    The irony of this was brought to your attention and you switched tactics and suckered us into donating. You have clearly made a killing out of this since.

    You asked us to donate and we did and you knew all along you were planning not to continue.

    You are the biggest con of all.


  7. You have clearly made a killing out of this since.

    Lol. If you believe that can I interest you in a bond paying risk free returns for investing in litigation funding?

    At time of writing none of the handful of donors (to whom I remain ever grateful) has taken up the offer of a refund, so in his use of the word “we” the blubbering individual above is full of crap.


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