Roger Allanson fined £17,000 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and required to cease running his practice

Both partners of Allansons LLP, which runs an unregulated investment scheme offering returns of 50% within 6-18 months for investing in litigation funding, have been fined a combined £27,000 (plus £17,500 costs) and been prohibited from acting as managers or owners of an authorised solicitor, due to client money breaches.

Roger Allanson ran Allansons LLP as a sole practitioner until 2006, when he was joined by Mohamed Patel.

On 19 and 20 December 2018, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal heard a series of allegations against Roger Allanson and Mohamed Patel in regard to their conduct over a period of six years:

  • allowing the client account of Allansons LLP to be used to administer payments in respect of debt management plans when there was no underlying legal transaction
  • allowing improper payments totalling £890.90 to be made out of the client account
  • causing or permitting a sum in excess of £600,000 representing monies paid in settlement of requests for fees for work to be undertaken by the firm to be held in Allanson’s client account and not in the office account
  • paying client money into the office account instead of the client account
  • allowing client ledgers to have an overdrawn balance
  • failing to maintain accounting records properly to show Allansons’ dealings with client and office money
  • failing to conduct client account reconciliations every five weeks
  • failing to manage his business effectively and in accordance with proper governance and sound financial and risk management principles
  • failing to provide information to the Legal Ombudsman as part of an investigation into a complaint against his firm
  • failing to respond when the SRA asked for an explanation of his conduct in failing to cooperate with the Legal Ombudsman.

Both Allanson and Patel admitted all the allegations (after initally denying the first).

The Tribunal noted that these failings occurred through “inadvertance and was not attributable to an improper motive”, and that “no loss was caused to clients as a result of Mr Allanson’s actions”.

It goes on to say however that

his actions in using his client account to administer payments were objectionable in themselves because it is no part of a solicitor’s practice to provide a banking facility to clients through the client account and this is not an activity for which he was regulated.

Allanson was fined £17,000 plus £10,000 costs. Mohamed Patel was fined £10,000 plus £7,500 costs. The tribunal’s published decision notes that Patel resigned from Allansons in 2017. Companies House however shows that Patel was re-appointed to Allansons LLP in October 2018, which is not mentioned in the decision.

As a condition of their certificate to practice for 2018/19, both Allanson and Patel must not:

  1. act as a manager or owner of any authorised body.
  2. act as a compliance officer for legal practice (COLP) or compliance officer for finance and administration (COFA) for any authorised body.
  3. hold, receive, or have access to the client money, or act as a signatory to any client account, or have the power to authorise electronic transfers from any client or office account.

These restrictions were imposed in September 2018, with a three month stay in Allanson’s case (presumably to give him time to step down, whereas Patel had by that time already resigned). Due to these conditions already being in place at the time of the Tribunal’s decision, the Tribunal did not impose a further Restriction Order.

Where these restrictions on Roger Allanson’s ability to run his practice leaves the investment scheme run by Allansons is unclear.

At time of writing, Roger Allanson remains the sole person identified as a Partner on Allansons’ website, and Companies House still identifies Allanson as having a 50-75% controlling stake in Allansons LLP.


45 thoughts on “Roger Allanson fined £17,000 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and required to cease running his practice

  1. This post was edited an hour after publication to correct the opening paragraph, which originally stated that Roger Allanson is the sole partner of Allansons. Allanson was the sole partner between Mohamed Patel’s resignation on December 2017 and reappointment on October 2018. Companies House shows that Allanson and Patel are now both partners of Allansons at time of writing.


  2. I, along with others, have invested in this scheme and have some concerns especially in light of Roger Allanson recent SRA tribunal and outcome. I’ve looked at the contract I’ve signed and wondering if anyone else thinks Roger has broken this contract now that there is this SRA ruling made against him.

    I’m specifically looking at clause 1.4.4. which states ‘It is hereby agreed that Allansons will provide compliance with regulations’. He’s been proven to not comply and therefore this is a slam dunk surely?

    Does anyone else have any opinion about this and do you think it is worth pursuing?


  3. If you are able to Dominic, post the entire clause.

    I have been watching this scheme unfold for a while now. I have quite a lot of experience with Allansons & Bryan Turner (of MAS Ltd). The whole thing is as close to a scam as you can get.


  4. I’d like to hear from others that have invested in this scheme. I will be submitting a claim to the RSA claiming my money back.

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  5. The SRA doesn’t compensate people who invest in litigation funding and whose investments fail.

    Gordons LLP (the SRA’s Intervention Agent who are looking after the files) have told Allansons clients that they will have to find new solicitors, which doesn’t sound promising as far as anyone who invested in those clients’ cases goes.

    Out of interest, have any Allansons investors been given any definitive statement from Allansons, the SRA or anyone else as to the status of their investment? All the announcements seem to be targeted at Allansons’ clients. In a legal, not investment sense.


  6. Hi myself and my partner have invested with this company over twelve months ago. I have submitted my paperwork to the SRA. As of yet awaiting a reply. Any ideas on going forward? Any action groups to join? What to do next? Any thoughts on the insurance?


  7. As Brev says, there doesn’t seem to be much out there aimed at the investor as the SRA’s primary concern appears to be with the claimant. There does appear to be an Allansons Funders Action Group on Facebook. I suppose it was inevitable really.


  8. Hi All, I have spoken with the introducers on my investments, a firm called Stablerise who in fairness seem to be on the level. They were told the cases were transferring to a firm called Quanta and that this was to be confirmed to investors.

    However, have a look at this link:

    If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a link ‘ Funders Information Sheet’ which provides relevant information.

    What stands out is that the ATE insurers have cancelled ALL policies as matters stand. I contacted Gordons LLP who are the interveners on behalf of the SRA who have confirmed that whilst some cases may have gone to Quanta it is not simply a transfer ‘en masse’ and is completely up to the individual Claimant whether to go to them, seek new representation or do nothing at all. they also strongly advise seeking legal advice. I have done so now – a firm in Manchester called Kennedys.

    I don’t think they usually deal with this area but are interested and I have sent them my paperwork.


  9. I wonder why the CMC Mortgage Audit Bureau (‘MAB’) appears to have closed down?

    They were running a large number of the privately funded miscalculation claims but the firm is a separate legal entity to both Allansons and Mortgage Audit Services. MAB is trading name of Financial Claims Advisory Service Limited which seems to be an entirely separate operation with no cross directorships etc.

    Presumably MAB were instructing Allansons on litigated cases which is why they will now need to advise their clients on finding another solicitor to run the case but it seems strange to me that they would change their website to ‘site under maintenance’.

    On a separate note, Leewards have now cancelled all the ATE policies.

    If the client, upon hearing about Allansons, decides to discontinue the claim then Leewards will not reinstate the policy. Additionally, If Quanta Law, or any other prospective new firm for that matter, decide not to take on the case then Leewards are also unlikely to reinstate the policy.

    Basically, investors need the claims to keep going to have any chance of realising the investment. It is a shame so many of the claims are wholly without merit.


  10. Hey there – its under preliminary review but a lady called Julie Parker is looking at this for me, phone number is 0161 817 2805 – feel free to mention me, will save you some time


  11. I invested £12,000 in Allansons Miscalculated Mortgage Payments fund in November 2017 and am as concerned as others. In retrospect, there were a number of warning lights. Going forwards, I am aware that the organisation Safe or Scam is putting together a case against Allansons. I have worked with Safe or Scam on other scams. They are professional, efficient, and, most important, honest.
    Find out more at:
    You can contact SoS from there. I have no other interest in Safe or Scam — my own motivation is to see a critical mass of investors to pursue a case against any fraudsters. The Allansons scheme, along with other fraudulent investments such as European Property Coin and Essex and London Properties was promoted through a broker called ‘Invest Direct’ or ‘Cercle6’, by an crooked agent falsely calling himself ‘James Harris’ who is actually Yomi Bashorun. Safe or Scam are also working on these two scams, so he, too. will soon be brought to justice.


  12. Anyone thinking of getting involved with Safe or Scam as advertised above by “fruf”, I would point out that they’re not authorised by the FCA and so can’t legally act for UK consumers. And I’m not sure why you’d want to appoint someone purportedly based in New Mexico to represent you in a domestic matter.


  13. PLEASE PLEASE be careful with giving your data to people outside the UK. I obviously have a bias here as I’m a regulated CMC but for goodness sake pick ONLY regulated entities for which you have recourse to FOS if something goes wrong.

    Brev, are you there? This is yet another fine mess that people are being dragged into. Much like Axiom!


  14. Okay, guys, please make your way over to:

    The page is called: Allansons Litigation Funding Scheme Action Group. It is a closed group and I intend to use the group as a forum for gathering the info needed to work out if there are any rights that consumers may have for civil recoveries at reasonable costs. Without this you run the risk of paying through the nose for actions that may lead to ZERO recoveries.


  15. Hi,

    Has any investors received the Funder Correspondence from Allansons that Brev had posted the link to ?

    I have received nothing by post or email.



  16. Good evening. I’ve now reviewed three cases where the SRA have rejected claims by lay consumers. As a specialist lawyer this is where my skillset generally comes to the fore.

    I have just been informed that ALIAG – now offering a litigation investors Facebook page – is apparently using my name to endorse their offering. This apparently refers to inducements to enter contracts for claims management services.

    I DO NOT endorse any law firms. I do NOT endorse claims management firms as a general rule and if I did I would NOT have a separate Facebook page for you. I would be on it.

    As I said earlier BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU CONTRACT WITH! I endorse nobody because I PARTNER with companies when I need assistance.

    But let me make myself clear: some GOOD claims management companies come and instruct my business to TEACH them how to successfully get your claims through.

    What is the point of giving your claim to a party that is less likely to succeed with your case.

    And mark my words, there IS scope I think, but it is absolutely not a slam dunk EVEN THO Roger is not compliant, and even tho he has apparently abjectly misled you on the literature I have seen.

    Financial promotions cover MANY things. And there are strict rules on what can be promoted to consumers such as yourselves. If the promotion is misleading it creates loss and THAT is the basis upon which I am assessing. And I will NOT put terms out UNTIL I’m sure I think there is a reasonable prospect of getting claims through.

    And I do NOT mean litigation. Too much risk; too much cost; and too much stress.

    Our page on Facebook is the ONLY one where you will see legal opinion OR terms later on for an offering run by a specialist lawyer that is employed by businesses, banks, claims management companies, consumers and others.

    Anything else is a lie!

    Sorry to point this out, but you guys simply represent numbers for some: I can’t afford to be so remiss when so many of you have lost EVERYTHING!


  17. @JaneSanders, can you please advise where we have used you name?

    Like you, we are only here to assist and we note we are already assisting victims get answers to…

    1. What has gone wrong with Allansons
    2. What happens next
    3. Will the ‘insurance policy’ pay out
    4. The options available to claimants to recover their money from elsewhere.

    If you’re a vicim and want a no-obligation informal chat with an experienced legal advisor please visit or the facebook page at


  18. Afternoon Aliag, I’ll have my contact screen shot the page. IF anyone is in doubt as to whether legal expert ‘Jane’ has endorsed anyone, please let me know.

    This is the page where I am resident. It MAY offer services, but I will NOT be putting out terms unless I’m sure.

    My gut instinct is that there’s scope for SRA claims, but not for every type of client and that there is POSSIBLY scope for review of business with Gordon’s.

    The consumer investors who have arguably been misled into believing they were investing in ‘cases’ were, from my research, actually investing in a pooled investment held by Allansons in client accounts, from where Allansons MAY have used some of the money to pursue cases.

    BUT I do not have sufficient evidence to know what the basis of the miscalculations were; whether the analogy was sound; whether there was scope to get the cases upheld; what forum he was proposing to use; without which I cannot say whether, as an investment proposition, this was ever viable.

    Gut instinct, thus far, is that it was not. But that is based entirely on conjecture to date.

    The governance of the FCA or SRA arguably means NOTHING when you refer back to the debacle that has arisen for fellow ‘investors’ in LCF, MJS, IPM and so on, all of which were purportedly governed in some sense by a regulatory body.

    It is IMPERATIVE that consumers understand WHAT regulatory powers a regulator has BEFORE they ever part with their hard earned money. THAT is how we stop travesties like this occurring.

    Before I go – I am going on record to state that ANYONE in receipt of direct contact from Mr Allanson about the purported viability of their investment, and the premise that HE IS SELECTING THE LAWYERS think about this: HE HAS BEEN BANNED FROM DOING THE INVESTMENT HIMSELF. ERGO THE SRA ARGUABLY WOULD NOT FIND HIM FIT AND PROPER AS A PERSON FOR SELECTING ANYONE ELSE TO RUN THE ALLEGED INVESTMENT.

    One of the key issues that see lay consumer investors fall foul of timeframes for taking action is inappropriate reliance on the words of their offerors i.e. the person offering the investment SAYS: wait, stick with me, it will all come good. I have seen it first hand, and I have seen the devastation that it can cause to YOU.

    Tread with care. Roger may be seeking to do right by you BUT the SRA have stripped him of his ability to practice FOR A REASON. If you fail to take action in a timely manner you MAY lose the ability to do anything. THAT is a key reason for taking advice even if just to ensure you KNOW what you are doing if you decide to wait. INFORMED CONSENT IS EVERYTHING AND VERY FEW PEOPLE TREAT CONSUMERS IN SUCH MANNERS.

    That stops NOW!


  19. I want to speak with the Allansons Litigation Investor Action Group that have helped a number of you. Can someone please add their number or website as I can’t find them. Thanks in advance.


  20. Hello Karen, I spoke with a gentleman called Ben there on 08008611103. He knew exactly the issues we’re having and has helped me and my partner massively. Hope they help us all. Roger Allanson could of easily ruined my life!
    Good luck everyone. Thomas


  21. I have just been COLD CALLED about my investment at Allansons! They knew how much I invested and when, my full address, everything!! They said they had the FULL LIST!! The only people who should have my information are Allansons!! They have SOLD our information for yet more of Us to be SCAMMED! The FRAUD hasn’t stopped!


  22. Hang on, don’t panic. You may have a remedy there. But don’t sign up to anything. And ask for the source of the data. I’m sorry you guys are getting this rubbish


  23. I’ve been called also. The girl on the phone said her boss bought it from allansons? How can they do that? Isn’t that illegal? How is that a solution Jane??


  24. It is unlawful and it’s unlawful because the release of that data is arguably in breach of GDPR. That means that they may have acquired the data in breach – something that you may be able to sort with the ICO. But that means making a complaint to the ICO against the company and asking them to investigate. I’m so sorry you’re having all these damn problems guys

    I am doing a live feed for the purposes of what I may be able to do for you momentarily. It will be saved on the page for new members to see.

    I will also address this point.


  25. Who was it that called you, and what were they looking to sell you ?

    I’m also an investor and would be keen to know.



  26. I will echo Jane’s guidance to not sign up for anything as a result of somebody cold-calling you using contact details obtained from Allansons.

    On another topic, did any investors participate in the webinar that I’ve heard Roger Allanson was hosting on Saturday 13th July?


  27. Jane. The ICO will not get me or anyone else their money back. They would only fine the Solicitors and Roger himself.

    We need to help ourselves here guys. Get our own legal advice.


  28. Phil, I’m a lawyer, I know this. I said there was a REMEDY for the breach of GDPR. The remedy that I consider is available for restitution of your losses is NOT through the ICO. And you are not correct that the ICO cannot offer a remedy for the breach. It has power to compel parties to stop contacting you, meaning that consumers are not going to be bothered by parties trying to sell them services unsolicited. That IS a remedy.


  29. In my experience the ICO are weak and take months to investigate. Ive had a bloody cold call too and I’m not happy that my data has been sold or whatever else they have done with it!.I asked the girl who called me where she got my number from and she put the phone down.Anyone that gets a similar call should tell them where to go and put the phone down on them!

    Anyway, Ive made an enquiry with so lets see what they say.

    Im due to get a call back off them this evening when I finish work.

    I will let everyone know how I get on.I got scammed on 4 litigation cases by the way and feel like a right numpty!!


  30. If you expect to get your funds back without an argument I’m afraid you are going to have to manage your expectations down. I am not being crass or insensitive. But you are going to have to engage in a battle with the SRA which, unfairly in my legal opinion, has already dismissed many of you. The likelihood of the cases actually being run by other solicitors bearing in mind that Mr Allanson has been stripped of his licence to do so himself, and I would imagine the SRA would take an extremely dim view of him trying to appoint anyone of HIS choice to run the ‘purported’ claims, is apparently low.

    Accordingly, you must be aware of the premise that any option to put more money in to rescue the existing claims SHOULD NOT BE FOLLOWED. Good money should not follow what COULD be described as bad given the SRA’s conclusions and sanctions.




  31. JANE. Stay out of this. Your advice is not advice. It’s an attempt to gain our custom. You are not an investor nor a practicing barrister. (I’ve checked) wouldn’t be surprised if you worked with Allansons on this.


  32. Grant Fitzpatrick. Your opinion is flawed. CMCs are regulated by the FCA. Heavily. Barristers – whether unregistered or registered – are governed by the Legal Services Act 2007. unregistered barristers can give legal advice, providing they do not conduct reserved activities – I can set the entirety of the rule book out if you wish. And as for attempting to gain custom – that pertains to a financial promotion, again governed by the FCA. ANY statement of fact that contains NO ELEMENT of persuasion cannot be a financial promotion or inducement to enter into a controlled claims management agreement. It is my LEGAL OPINION which I am duly permitted to give having got 9 letters after my name to do so. And my legal opinion is that ANY person asking you to give him another chance after being struck off should be treated with care. No more and no less.

    However, if anyone does want a financial promotion where services are offered pertaining to what I MAY be able to do, you are free to ask for it. But it will be given on the facebook page specifically set up to do so.

    Ladies and gents, many thanks for your time.


  33. “However, if anyone does want a financial promotion where services are offered pertaining to what I MAY be able to do, you are free to ask for it. But it will be given on the facebook page specifically set up to do so”

    Sounds like a tout for business to me too


  34. lol of course it is. Do you expect me to lie to you? I think you’ve had quite enough of that. It’s not necessarily a pleasant subject this marketing business, as it comes off the back of the fact that you ladies and gentlemen have put your hard earned in cash to someone else and it’s failed. I leave alone the reasons why it failed, but let’s just say the SRA actions will not have assisted. So you have choices. And I have opinions. You ask what can be done. I answer. It is both my legal opinion what I may be able to achieve, and a promotion i.e. a potential offer if I think you have a case. It simply cannot be put any clearer than that. You have a problem and I MAY be able to help. Fair, clear and not misleading are the buzz words for this regime. You may not like the activity, but it is lawful.


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