EcoCrops International seeks “greedy and driven” salespeople

A job advert posted on the jobs board by EcoCrops International is looking for applications from “greedy and driven professional salespeople”. EcoCrops International launched in 2018 and offers projected returns of 17.19% a year for investing in Estonian forestry.

Position: Sales Professional
EcoCrops International are looking for hard working sales people. We pay a small basic but great commission. No cold calling or face to face selling. The work is office based and would suit greedy and driven professional salespeople that are based in Palma Mal

The advert says that prospective applicants should also have a high school education, and minimal work experience is required. Applications should be English speakers, well educated and computer literate.

“Palma Mal” is shorthand for Palma de Mallorca, a Balearic island just off Spain’s eastern coast.

Readers have accused the director of EcoCrops International, Mark Lewis Rayner, of being a shadow director of GWD Forestry. GWD Forestry was an unregulated scheme investing in Brazilian forestry which collapsed some time around 2015. GWD investors continue to be targeted by fraud recovery fraud.

Most of these claims about Rayner’s shadow directorship are unverifiable. However, what is a matter of public record is that Mark Rayner was the director of a UK firm called Greenwood Marketing Limited from 2009 until it was dissolved in 2011. GWD Forestry used the corporate identity Greenwood Management, a company registered in Denmark.

(The records for the old Greenwood Marketing are no longer available from Companies House due to the length of time that has passed since dissolution, but they are available from some Companies House aggregators. There is an active firm which briefly used the name Greenwood Marketing Limited and is now known as Gill Greenwood Limited. It is apparently unrelated to the dissolved Greenwood Marketing Limited and GWD Forestry.)

Mark Rayner also identifies himself in his LinkedIn profile as an employee of GWD Forestry SL, with his role described simply as “sales”.

GWD Forestry was run out of an office in Palma de Mallorca, just as EcoCrops International is, according to its job advert.

It is therefore a matter of public record that Mark Rayner was involved with GWD Forestry, and has gone on from that to found EcoCrops International.

Apparently they aren’t big on the importance of an ethics-based culture in financial services in Mallorca…

Thanks to readers Lyn Paulson, Mkc and Richard Manson for providing some of the information in this article.


4 thoughts on “EcoCrops International seeks “greedy and driven” salespeople

  1. Funnily enough, after publication of this article EcoCrops changed the job advert. At time of writing it reads “hardworking and driven” rather than “greedy and driven”.

    A copy of the original advert has been retained.


  2. They will be paying their salesman ten percent commission plus a measly weekly wage. On top of the salesman commissions they will be paying five percent commission to a sales manager. So the minute a gullible and naive investors parts with their investment monies, fifteen percent will be lost straight away. Now, add to this marketing costs and other operational costs and at least half the investors monies are gone. STAY WELL CLEAR OF ANOTHER LOUIS DAULBY now called MARK REYNIER investment scam. The man has been involved in lots of investment scams where every investor has lost their money. Daniel Shaw and Joshua Roberts worked for him in GWD scam and they are working for him again in this latest DAULBY green scam. Boys is it not time you done something honest for a change?


  3. I’m currently working at eco crops and I’m getting 15% comms, I can’t complain, I’m over the moon that Lewis can start up again as to work for he pays.

    Long live ecocrops.


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