Action Group formed for MJS Capital (Colarb) investors

MJS Capital and Colarb Capital logos

Since early 2018, investors in MJS Capital (now Colarb Capital) have experienced issues with having interest paid on time and receiving their capital back when due.

Numerous comments have been left on this blog from frustrated and often frightened investors trying to find out what action they can take.

MJS Capital issued unregulated loan notes which were, by their nature, extremely high risk and only suitable for sophisticated and high net worth investors. Despite this, they were promoted by MJS Capital representatives as “very low risk” and “a safe haven”.

An investor action group has been set up on Facebook at to help investors come together, share information, and find a way forward. The group is “closed”, which means that anything posted in the group will only be visible to those who have been allowed to join.

I thought long and hard before forming this group, given that I am essentially an uninvolved observer. However, numerous MJS Capital investors have commented on or emailed my blog looking for answers, and for every person who commented, there will be many more who have read my posts without speaking out. For the last nine months MJS Capital investors have been scattered across myriad blog posts and websites shouting into the void. I see no point in 2019 being more of the same.

It is highly likely that MJS Capital investors will be targeted by unscrupulous individuals seeking to exploit them a second time, and whether or not they join the action group, I recommend they read Action Fraud’s advice on fraud recovery fraud and beware throwing good money after bad.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2019 to all.


One thought on “Action Group formed for MJS Capital (Colarb) investors

  1. You are being drawn in it seems … what began as an impartial review of unregulated bonds with a boiler plate format evolves into a facebook “action group” ….. interesting but not unexpected. Once you start down this road victims raise their heads above the parapet and become more than just “statistics”. Soon you will no doubt discover the very frustrating truth the authorities are “without form” and impotent and the perpetrators walk freely among us with our money in their pockets and there is no justice for the victims …. it will be interesting to see how this develops further ….


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