MJS Capital receives notice of compulsory strike-off as payments are delayed

MJS Capital plc offered unregulated bonds paying up to 14% per annum (via certain introducers).

A number of online posts over the past couple of months suggest the company is unable to is being slow to repay a few investors whose bonds have fallen due. MJS Capital has blamed “banking issues”.

mjs review 1

mjs review 2

We have asked Mr Hidderley whether he is still awaiting repayment of capital but have not received a reply at time of going to press.

Update 07.06.18: Jo has confirmed that he has since received his capital back with interest.

In March 2018 MJS Capital’s chairman and House of Lords member Lord Razzall resigned from the company, saying in his resignation notice that he hoped his resignation would resolve MJS Capital’s banking issues. With the company still unable to repay investors two months later, it doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect.

The company is currently two months overdue with filing annual accounts to Companies House, and almost certainly as a result, has been served with notice to strike off the company.

If MJS Capital continues to fail to submit accounts, and no valid objection is received by Companies House, the company will be dissolved in two months, and any remaining assets will be forfeited to the UK Government.

Investors can object to the striking off by contacting Companies House.

There was little sign of MJS Capital’s approaching troubles in September 2017, when members of the company appear to have enjoyed a highly agreeable dinner at the Tower of London, according to a video posted on Facebook by JetSmarter (a private jet hire company).

Update 7 June 2018: The strike-off has been suspended as according to Companies House, “cause has been shown why the above company should not be struck off the register”. As MJS Capital remains over two months overdue with its accounts, the most likely cause is an objection from a creditor.

If MJS Capital continues to fail to file accounts, the strike-off action may be resumed and the directors may be liable to prosecution.


4 thoughts on “MJS Capital receives notice of compulsory strike-off as payments are delayed

  1. At some point in time you contacted me about MJS repayments. I searched all my old emails but couldn’t find you so I guess you used some form of esp thought-transfer.
    Ok so two points –
    Number 1 – I am not a Ms Hidderley but a Mr Hidderley. Just because I don’t spell my name with an ‘e’ doesn’t automatically change my gender. My Jo is not short for Joseph and even if it was the very late Jo Grimond (Liberal Party leader 1956–1967) was a Joseph.
    And Number 2 – I have been paid back in full with interest by MJS Capital.


  2. Thanks Jo, and apologies for the gender assumption. Glad you got your capital and interest back. Article updated.


  3. I have been battling with MJS since May when my bond matured. No way to get funds back from them…MJS has suggested two payment plans which they fail to meet…had two adhoc small payments (about 15% of total investment) and that’s it… I keep trying to get hold of them but its very difficult to get an answer… anyone has an idea if they will ever pay the investors back?


  4. Still waiting for repayments of my bond which matured in January, only two small payments received.
    Only two replies from mjs all other emails and phone calls ignored. Would like any advice what action to take next.


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